Privacy & Cookies

Party Touches values your privacy! All your personal information is treated as confidential. Although, we still reserve our right to disclose this information under few circumstances. Since this information is treated as private and confidential, we always keep it on a secure server in compliance with the highest UK Data Protection standards and consumer legislation.

As soon as you shop from our website, you will be asked to input your personal information like name, e-mail address, billing address, delivery address, telephone number, product selections, credit card details (or other payment information) and a password. There may be times when we will be seeking information about important people in your life (for our Birthday Reminder Service). All the information provided by you to us is used wisely in order to benefit you and your loved ones. The information is used in the same way as it is communicated to us. At Party Touches, we generally collect information like type of domain, URL you came from, IP address, browser type, the country and telephone area code (where your computer is located). Our content may easily vary depending upon the number of our webpages you’ve visited; the advertisement you went through and the terms you have entered to get the best search results. PLEASE PAY ATTENTION THAT WE MAY COLLECT THIS INFORMATION EVEN IF YOU’RE NOT A REGISTERED CLIENT WITH US.


When you are shopping online, you often come across terms like “caches” and “cookies”. A cookie, in the technical world, is a small file that contains letters and numbers to be stored onto either your browser or your hard-drive of your computer. Cookies are generally created to collect standard information like log history, visitor’s behaviour, etc. These cookies sometimes let you visit certain websites. They allow a particular website to recognise its frequent visitors by catching their search pattern.

How Do We Use Cookies?

  • Some cookies are also created when you visit our website. With the creation of these cookies, you can stay assured that shopping with us is going to a 100% safe experience. Ideally, at Party Touches, we use cookies to identify our clients and monitor the usage pattern of our website by them. They help us to have a clear idea about the products and services you have either browsed or shopped on/ from our website. Quite helpful, cookies let us personalise your search. In this way, you can be assured of a completely user-friendly experience in the end. For example, cookies allow us to save your password, which ultimately saves your time to re-enter the same password every time you log in.
  • Along with cookies, Party Touches highlights the use of 3rd party analytics partners to keep a track of your browsing and purchase history. These partners also involve the use of cookies to collect information for us. Cookies pass over this useful data to these analytics partners to process information in order to create a very helpful and pleasant shopping experience for you. This exchange of critical data takes place via a secure connection. WE DO NOT COLLECT/USE PASSWORD AND CREDIT CARD INFORMATION OF OUR CLIENTS AS PER OUR CONTRACT.
  • Some cookies are important to use to enable the proper functioning of our website. If these cookies are not enabled, our website may not function properly. To explore contemporary data security standards that involve Cookies, you can visit: Since you’re aware that our website is continuously monitored, we may keep a track of your personal information. We hold the right to confirm that all the personal information provided to us is whether relevant or not. We will use information for the following purposes:
  • To process your order
  • To do a survey to improve our website and our services
  • To administer this website
  • To notify you of products and services we are going to offer that may perhaps interest you now or in the long term. You may not agree with us to contact you for any of the aforementioned purposes via telephone, e-mail or in writing. This can be stated to us on time. Although, contacting you for above mentioned reasons will not be considered any breach of privacy as per the Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations, 2003. As you place an order with us, you will be given an option to receive all the important communication via e-mail. This information/content can be about products, promotions and special offers. In case you are not willing to receive additional information or chain of emails, then you can contact us in such situations. However, you can ask to unsubscribe such services by logging into your account or by e-mailing us at (Please mention your exact e-mail ID) Party Touches holds the right to disclose your personal information available to us under the following extreme circumstances:
    • If we are subjected to pressure by Police, government authority or any investigating organisation, we shall share your information with them. The company will never intervene in any of your illegal activities whatsoever. We are entitled to pass your Personal Information and /or User Information when asked to.
    • Your personal information will be shared with reputable third parties who are crucial for the delivery of your orders. All these third parties are liable to treat your information fully confidential.
    • You can be assured that we shall never share your Personal Information/User’s Information with anybody for mailing/marketing purposes.
  • If you are contesting for any of our competitions or lucky draws, you will provide information such as your name, your email address and your mailing address to us. In case you win, you will receive a prize on the address of your choice. This will be further communicated to you by either phone or e-mail. You are also entitled to receive notification about our promotions, specials and the latest additions to the Website.

We are always open to discussion about amendments in the privacy policy. Please get back to us with valuable suggestion.