Our Story

Hello there,

I am so glad that you are here and I hope that you will find your experience with us pleasant and lasting and we’ll see you again. It also brings me joy that you have taken time to come to this page to know more about us. This is the kind of personal relationship that we want to have with our customers where we get to know them better and they us.

Not to be over-dramatic but it all started with a box of hearts. Little did I know that box of hearts was going to change my destiny… It made me express and explore myself, it made me want to share my findings with the world - it brought me here, to you, through this website which is like a digital home to me, it’s a part, an extension of me.

I fondly remember how I cultivated my interest: clicking random pictures, designing photo collages and working on my sketch book for hours while dinner went cold beside me. All of us know that scene from many movies where a person is sitting in the midst of crumpled papers strewn around while he/she is trying to write the perfect letter or draw the perfect drawing. That actually happened with me. Come to think of it, I may have done that intentionally while that scene was etched in my sub-conscious. Soon, the pictures grew into several albums and so did the notebooks and crumpled papers. These little ideas soon took over my kitchen, spilled into my bedroom and filled every cupboard space of my house.This was the moment of inception of ‘Party Touches’. I still remember the joy I felt on receiving my first order.

From a kitchen table in my house, Party Touches has come a long way and we have moved into larger premises now where it continues to grow. 

I hope to bring you the same joy that I have felt every single day while doing something that I absolutely love to do.

Best wishes,