Making Valentine's Day Magic – Party Touches to help you celebrate

Making Valentine's Day Magic – Party Touches to help you celebrate

Isn't this a weird time we're all living through? Important occasions come and go, and it's a challenge to know how to celebrate them in a COVID world where we're stuck indoors and can't meet up with our loved ones. There's only one thing for it – we just have to make our own entertainment at home, celebrate at home, and make the most of the situation we've found ourselves in. You're alive, for a start, and that counts for a lot these days!

We wish you a lovely Valentine's Day with the person you adore most in the whole world. Here are some useful tips to help you maximise the romance and fun on the world's first COVID Valentine's Day.


Valentines Day Decorations Streamers Backdrop

Go overboard on your Valentine's Day décor!

You can't book a romantic table at a restaurant, go down the pub, meet up with a load of friends, or even travel more than a few miles to an interesting destination – a stately home, a beautiful garden, a lovely little romantic cafe serving tea and cakes, a magical castle on a hill. But you can decorate a room in your home – or the whole place – to perfection, and party to your heart's content at your place.

This year, celebrations mean more than ever. Luckily we've got everything you need to make your Valentine feel special, from lush heart shaped 1m long Valentines Day party backdrops made from shimmering scarlet foil hearts to hang on the walls and in doorways, to a stunning 170m streamer backdrop in red, rose gold and pink. Plus lots more.


Fun Valentine's games... taken indoors

There's no reason why you can't play Valentine's Day games indoors. Our fun Valentine's Treasure Hunt Kit can be used outdoors or in, and it's really good fun. You get all the bits and bobs you need to create ten of your very own clues to hide around the house or flat. And we have a lovely metallic red balloon and mini gift box to fill with goodies, theirs when they find the final clue.


Party on Zoom

Far apart and broken hearted? Luckily you can still enjoy a video call, and it's so much more meaningful when you've taken the time to decorate the space behind you so it shouts 'romance' while you chat together. Pick a selection of fun Valentine's décor from our collection and surprise your loved one with a thoughtful display in pretty reds and pinks.


Valentines Day Chocolates


Treats to eat

You may as well go for it. Make a list of your very favourite foods and order them in for Valentine's Day. Even if your best treats sound a bit crazy – maybe Battenburg cake, black olives and fresh smoked salmon sandwiches, or chips, mayo and the finest dark chocolate – who cares? This is your day, you're a grown-up, and you can eat anything you like on a special day like this! We sell a huge choice of gorgeous posh chocs to help you celebrate your love, designed to help you fall even more truly, madly and deeply, plus all sorts of fun adult party favours.



Create precious memories 

This is the perfect opportunity to take lots of photos to remember your COVID Valentine's Day! We have a brilliant set of Valentine's Day photo booth props in pink, red and white, all sorts of fun things to create the perfect romantic backdrop. Plus gorgeous foil balloons and balloon arch kits like this pink, red and white one, to add extra drama.


Get creative - Make your own Valentine's card 

It's the thought that counts. If it's impossible to get to a card shop and you're fresh out of red craft paper, you can always use the beautiful cards from our Valentine's Day Treasure Hunt Kit to say those special words, and make them count. Can you make up your own Valentine's poem to write on a card? Or simply express your love in your own unique way, without the help of a card manufacturer's sentiments? Your own words will shine true and clear, with even more genuine meaning than a pre-written Valentine's card. 



Get the lighting right

Dim those lights for a romantic glow. It'll make the gorgeous sparkly bits and bobs you buy from us gleam and glimmer even more dramatically. You should even have time to buy a red or pink lightbulb online for delivery by 14th February, for an extra special romantic glow.


Explore our entire Valentine's Day Party accessories department

We have lots of tailored Valentine's party wares for you, and you can also enjoy exploring beautiful collections of balloons, party decorations, party accessories and more, including loads of classy rose gold delights to go with that classic valentine's Day red.


Send photos of your home Valentine's Day display

We'd love to see what you come up with. If you send us photos, we'll feature you on our blog – your very own 15 minutes of fame! Have a gorgeous Valentine's Day, everyone, and stay safe.


Love from XXX The Party Touches Team