Celebrate Mother's Day with Loads of Beautiful Party Touches!

Celebrate Mother's Day with Loads of Beautiful Party Touches!

What a strange world we've found ourselves in. It's almost a year since the first COVID lockdown and the way we do almost everything has changed. It's hard to remember the way we were. Can you imagine being out in a crowd, hugging people, shopping without worry? Isn't it going to be amazing? We can't wait, least of all because we are dying to party!

Like millions of Brits, we are looking forward to seeing the people we love, meeting face-to-face, being able to hold events and celebrations with everyone who matters, not just the people in our bubbles and those we're allowed to see under the rule of six, and not just outdoors. We can't wait to feel the love in real life.

You can visit someone in a care home from March 8th as long as you follow strict COVID rules. But other than that, we won't be free to party properly for Mother's Day 2021 on 14th March. The next landmark after the schools go back on 8th March doesn't happen until 29th March. But we can still celebrate remotely, and we've got plenty of bright ideas to help you make Mother’s Day special.

If you live with your mum, that's great. We've got everything you need to party together at home and make a splash. If you don't actually live with your mum, you can send her your best love and meet up on Zoom or WhatsApp, or any of the others. We can deliver all the party wares you could possibly need, not just to your home but to your mum's place as well, so you can both decorate your space in the same gorgeous style and feel like you're actually together in the same room.

Lets Partea Range of Party Supplies

Tea, anyone? Our gorgeous Let's Partea collection

Treat yourself and your lovely mum to a load of gorgeous party decorations and accessories featuring flowers with rose gold accents. It's all so pretty, fresh and spring-like, perfect for celebrating Mother's Day in person at home or online together.  Meet our gorgeous Let's Partea collection

Ditsy Floral Range of Party Supplies

Say it with flowers! Our beautiful Ditsy Floral collection

Our Ditsy Floral collection is full of the joys of spring and summer, with a fresh floral theme and rose gold foiling. Whether you want to deck out a table to perfection or transform a space into something truly special, there's loads of accessories to choose from, ideal for every Mother's Day do, on video or face to face. 

 These two collections go together perfectly, by the way, so you can mix and match from both of them if you like.


Mother's Day Celebration Decorations

Mum's the word!

Whether you keep things quiet and give your mum a cool surprise or let her into the secret, you'll love celebrating Mother’s Day with our stunning party touches. Now you know how to make Mother’s Day 2021 really special! Simply make separate orders to the different addresses and we'll get busy sending party magic your way.