Celebrate life, love, friends, good times - Why we all deserve a party!

Celebrate life, love, friends, good times - Why we all deserve a party!

Life is... well, it's just weird right now, isn't it! Last year we were hoping it'd all be over with for 2021, a new year and a new outlook with COVID beaten and things getting back to normal. Not so. We're still deep in the pandemic, still locked down, still restricted, still fed up and still bored, bored, bored a lot of the time, worried about the future, our friends, our families, our jobs. 

In times like this it can be tempting to hide away from the world. Stay in your pyjamas all day. Glue yourself to daytime telly. Descend deep into the blues. But hey, you know what? Simply being alive and well in a pandemic is worth celebrating, and people all over the country are doing exactly that. 

You know last Christmas, when people put their decorations up weeks early just to feel more cheerful, to enjoy the magical festive buzz? Some people still have their Xmas decorations up. It's amazing how good a display of gorgeous celebratory accessories can make you feel, even when the entire world has gone crazy. 

Our customers are buying extraordinary amounts of party touches from our site, and we can only imagine what they're doing with it all. We suspect people are using any excuse to celebrate life, at home with the family in our bubbles as well as on platforms like Zoom, marking important occasions remotely with friends and loved ones. 

If that's you, and you've decided to celebrate at every possible point in the next few months, using any excuse at all to make the most of these strange times, what have we got to help you push the party boat out? Here are some ideas.

Animal Safari Kids Party Theme

Party accessories for kids

You can't invite their friends round, but you can create a stunning, magical display at home to make their birthday extra-memorable. Our kids party collection is huge, containing every imaginable party accessory, including children's balloons and party decorations, kids bunting and cake decorations, kids birthday candles and balloon weights, kids party poppers, party bags and boxes, plus gorgeous party bag fillers. 

We stock some brilliant themes too. Our gorgeous party wares star unicorns, dinosaurs and princesses, LOL Surprise, Harry Potter and superheroes. We have all the fun stuff you need to make an unforgettable pamper party or Over The Rainbow party, a pastel party, even a themed celebration starring the Justice League or 3D Soccer. Very cool!

Pastel Balloon Arch Garland Kit

Simply celebrate life in all its glory

This is the perfect time to celebrate life in all its magical variety. Things might be hard, and bad, and difficult, but we are alive, and that means a lot when so many of us have lost our lost loved ones or lost our own lives. Why not arrange a monthly celebration at home to mark another month survived, another month closer to the end of this COVID thing? 

As far as adult party essentials go, we have a vast variety of beautiful party decorations, accessories, games and more. We sell adult party favours and decorations, bunting and balloons, cake accessories and photo booth props, party table decorations and confetti cannons, table covers and runners, and loads more. And the themes? There really is something for everyone. 

You could hold a dressing-up party on Zoom, a remote hen party or baby shower on screen, celebrate a birthday or an anniversary, or – if you've run out of inspiration – go looking for an excuse on the World Food Days website. Maybe it's World Radio Day or International Women's Day? Check international days out on the UN website, which contains some very unusual and interesting excuses to celebrate! There are even more 'world days' listed here on the time and date website.

 You don't even need an excuse. Let's face it, any reason to celebrate life is worth celebrating at the moment!  Style-wise we have something for every taste, from florals to rose gold and pink, Pastel Party to Beautiful Botanics, Rustic Country to Over The Rainbow, Guess How Much I Love You, Glitz & Glamour in pink or black, Scripted Marble, Iridescent Party and so many more designs, all created with fun in mind.

Rose Gold 1st Birthday Pinata Decoration

How will you celebrate the joy of life?

Pinatas and paper napkins, paper plates and bowls, hanging decorations and candles, drinking straws and cupcake boxes, table scatter and confetti, crackers, hats and party games... it all adds up to an event you'll remember, with loads of colourful photos to share on social media and enjoy at home. 

If you're holding a home party to celebrate something unusual, unique or off-the-wall, we'd love to see what you got up to on the party décor front. Will you send us a photo to share on our blog? 

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