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Metallic Rose Gold Sphere Candles 6cm

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Add just the right amount of shine and sparkle into your home or party space with these long lasting unscented wax sphere candles. Crafted from best grade wax, these candles are built to ooze warm festive glow for longer hours. Perfect to add a romantic touch to your dinner tables or to jazz up a lackluster centerpiece, these long-lasting candles can also be used as party favors, gifts, and keepsakes. Fanciful flickering flame of these candles will add an exotic sheen to your intimate and celebratory events.

Key Features
  • Material : Wax
  • Colour : Rose Gold
  • Diameter (approx) : 6cm
  • Each pack contains 10 candles
  • Burn time for each candle (approx) : 8hrs