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Harry Potter Party Tableware Bundle - 8 Guests

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Your child is obsessed with Harry Potter. Maybe it's you who's obsessed - plenty of grown-ups read the Harry Potter books and love the films. Whatever your age this fab bundle of Harry Potter themed party tableware supplies is exactly what you need to make your next 'do' go with a swing. The house badges are beautifully printed against a deep navy background to deliver a real Potter feel to every party, whatever the occasion. And while the cups, napkins and plates are disposable, you can keep the table cover to use again and again, or even hang it on the wall in your child's room. 

This bundle includes 8 paper plates, 16 napkins, 8 cups and 1 plastic table cover. Individual sizes are given below.

  • Harry Potter 9" Paper Plates - Diameter (approx) : 9" (23cm)
  • Harry Potter 13" Paper Napkins - Size (approx) : 33cm x 33cm (13")
  • Harry Potter 9oz Paper Cups - Volume (approx) : 9oz
  • Harry Potter Plastic Table Cover - Size (approx) : 7ft x 4.5ft (54" x 84")